Ed Book (edbook) wrote in photosup,
Ed Book

Hoodoo Fire Tower Umatilla National Forest, Oregon, USA

Abstract, surreal looking up at Hoodoo fire lookout tower, Umatilla National Forest, Oregon, USA ©2008 Ed Book (all rights reserved - DO NOT COPY)   http://edbookphoto.com
Hoodoo Fire Lookout Tower Umatilla National Forest, Oregon, USA

©2008 Ed Book

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This looks the way vertigo feels.
Exactly what I was trying to portray! I have always had some acrophobia especially having to do with fire towers... when I was a kid, I could go up if I held on tightly with both hands... 'hard to go up without letting go of the rail... I have sorta beaten it from spending months on the mast of an aircraft carrier in the yards working on antennas (while waiting for my nuclear power school in the navy)... --a long story for a different time--

I intended to make photos as I climbed in each direction but about half way up the first set of steps, there was one missing and the others didn't seem far behind (this firetower is unused)... I skipped the pictures and concentrated on stepping only at the extreme edges of the steps where supported by metal for every step after that and I had to keep stopping because I was getting cramps in my hands from gripping the rail so tightly... I did make it to the top and went up inside the cab... I didn't trust the wooden floor so stood in one spot on top a metal support, pulled out my camera and pushed the doohickey a few times while pointing it in different general directions... not looking as I was concentrating on not getting vertigo and losing my balance...

After I came back down, I relaxed finally, amazed that the acrophobia had returned... I pulled out my camera G9 and started spinning around pointing the camera upward making exposures... lots of them similar to this one but all different angles and focal lengths... viewed one after the other quickly the vertigo becomes quite real.

Ohhh, I feel woozy.